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間 - 屏風 
Between - Partition


由藤彎曲成框,框內由馬尼拉蕉麻材質編織而成。可在居家、商業、工作等室內空間中使用。 此屏風系列延伸性高,可透過換置其中的編織面料,有更多元的系列呈現。


使用上也可單一或多件、單獨或重疊的多元擺放陳列方式使用。 希望透過台灣與菲律賓特有的工藝與設計交織構成的文化,串聯起兩地的工藝、設計、文化與生活等當代台、菲日常故事。

Between is a series of partition screens which can connect and split space. We bent rattan into a frame and the frame is filled with Manila abaca weaving.


Looking for the connection between the islands Taiwan and the Philippines, and placing this work in an appropriate interior space. We hope that the culture exchange of craftsmanship and design will bring new scenery and fun to the living space. Between, this work is highly extensible, and it is expected that this concept will link contemporary daily stories such as design and craftsmanship, culture and life in Taiwan and the Philippines. 



尺寸: (cm)

            立地型 170*70*35, 155*60*35, 145*80*40

            桌上型  35*40*10, 30*30*7, 40*25*5 

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