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2020 / 4.1  –  5.25

松山文創園區 風格店家 主題展區



The Essence - Elegant Things

Decorative crafts, which derive from traditional craftsmanship and sustain innovation to perfection, dispel superfluous elements and shine from within, such as home accessories and wearable objects.

It starts from the needs in everyday life and levels up to further explore essence of material with design and craft, and Re-express the role of an object in the modern world, and its restrained appeal in perception and tactile.


· 本質創作室 Essence Design&Craft 

· 晏誠雅雯設計工作室 Yenchenyawen design studio 

· 設計師郭家宏 Designer Chia-Hung Kuo

· 巫奇工作室 WOO studio 

· 二隅工作室 2nd Corne 

· 宇芊工作室 Yuu Chien studio

· 保青竹博士 Dr. Evergreen Bamboo

· 本質咖啡 Top Essence

· 楠珍茶廠 Nan Zhen


品牌整合 / 空間規劃 / 產品攝影

宣傳設計 / 佈展陳列 / 裝置藝術



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